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Groundwork Contractors in Alton | Excavation Methods

Excavation of earth is an essential aspect of groundworks services. The most suitable type of excavation, and the most appropriate method for carrying it out, depends on a variety of factors which we assess before beginning work. Having been working as groundwork contractors in Alton for many years, we have experience providing efficient excavation for a number of projects, including sand school construction and drainage preparation.


Because we are septic tank installers as well as groundwork contractors, our excavation skills are incredibly diverse, allowing us to offer complete services, no matter the project.


When undertaking excavations, the purpose of work has a significant impact on the method we use. For example, landscaping projects require a technique which preserves the subsoil, whilst during sand school construction, we strip topsoil to provide a level surface for drainage preparation. Different excavation types we skillfully carry out include:


Cut and Fill – In this process, we remove topsoil and earth from elevated sections of a site, using stripped material to fill lower areas.

Trench – Typically used for strip foundations and buried services, length exceeds depth and trenches can be either shallow or deep.

Topsoil – The removal of the top layer of earth, including vegetation. This soil is generally unsuitable for bearing structural loads and can present further issues if not removed before construction.

Earth – Removal of the soil layer directly below topsoil. This is often stockpiled to use in the construction of foundations and embankments.

Muck – Removal of excessively wet soils unsuitable for stockpiling.

Rock – For use where we cannot remove material without using special excavation methods, such as drilling or blasting with explosives.


Ensuring every customer receives the highest standard of work, our contractors and septic tank installers consider the following factors when determining the best approach for excavations:


Size of the Project


The scale of groundworks projects is a major consideration when choosing excavation methods in Godalming and Alton. While heavy machinery is often more efficient, it is not practical or cost-effective for smaller sites.

With access to a range of plant, we provide expert solutions for every project. Where space is limited, our groundwork contractors carry out manual excavations, if appropriate. This may be the case when our septic tank installers supply smaller systems and drainage preparation services.


Type of Soil


A site’s subsoil affects the excavation process, so it is important to determine its type before work begins. Conducting ground investigations and surveys, we assess the type of subsoil present, allowing us to provide the most suitable methods and equipment.


For example, deep excavations in areas with soft soil will need wall supports to prevent crumbling.


Site Conditions


Conditions surrounding your construction site in Alton will influence how we carry out necessary excavations. We advise on the specifications of each project, but as an example, if providing groundworks near existing buildings, meticulous planning ensures work doesn’t weaken foundations or interfere with drainage systems and other buried services.


From drainage preparation to sand school construction, we are committed to delivering professional services and results which bring customers back time and again.

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