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General Groundworks & Sand School Construction in Farnham | Groundworks Glossary

In our position as groundwork contractors with specialist experience of more than 40 years, we use industry-specific terminology as second nature. However, we fully recognise our customers and clients in the Farnham area probably don’t have as much familiarity with such terms and the groundworks they describe. Whether it’s our work as septic tank installers, drainage preparation specialists or our sand school construction and wider equestrian services, these words range from completely alien to somewhat familiar.


Like all reputable ground work contractors and septic tank installers, we intend to deliver 100% satisfaction with every project we undertake. As such, we have taken the first step to clarifying some of the more regular terms we use in groundworks in the helpful glossary below.


  • Access Chamber – Our groundwork contractors use these subterranean spaces for easy access to below-ground services like drains
  • Aggregate – A filler material used in industrial mixes for a range of groundworks, including sand school construction. It comes in mixed, fine or coarse varieties
  • Ballast – A type of aggregate with non-uniform components. Our groundwork contractors use this in a range of groundworks in the Farnham area
  • Damp Proof Course – In order to guard against rising damp, we integrate this impermeable layer into walls. We fit this after foundation installation and drainage preparation
  • Formwork – We use this mould for some of our concrete laying work. Our personnel pour liquid concrete into the mould, then, having cured, remove the formwork
  • Foundation – This is the element of a structure which transfers the load into the soil. Constructed using various methods, foundations also anchor structures
  • Groundworks – The term ‘groundworks’ encompasses all excavating and digging operations in the initial stages of a project, including drainage preparation and concrete laying
  • Manhole – This access hole allows us to reach underground areas, services and access chambers. An important feature in our work as septic tank installers in Farnham
  • Pile – Piles are a type of foundation installation. They consist of columns driven deep into the ground, accessing more stable layers than those provided in the immediate sub-surface
  • Reinforced Concrete – This form of concrete imparts significant strength in situations of bending, tension, shear and compression. Reinforcement comes in the form of embedded steel bars
  • Screed – A versatile, mostly dry mix of sand and cement laid over concrete floors. We then screed and trowel for a smooth surface. Our groundwork contractors use this in anything from sand school construction to drainage preparation
  • Settlement – This process involves the foundations of a structure ‘settling’ under the weight above it. The downward movement comes as a result of soil compaction below
  • Subsidence – Typically caused by clay soil drying out and shrinking, subsidence is the resulting unexpected downward movement of foundations
  • Underpinning – A form of groundworks which deepens existing foundations for superior support

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