Richard Field Groundworks Ltd

From Groundworks to Drainage Preparation in Godalming | A Genuinely Local Service

At Richard Field Groundworks, we cover Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire, but Godalming is very much our home. As an independent, family-run business, we take pride in delivering an array of groundworks that help to improve local homes, businesses and public facilities. From drainage preparation to sand school construction, we meet the requirements of clients in every sector, be it domestic, commercial or industrial. Our expertise even extends into equestrian work and operations as septic tank installers. Quite simply, when it comes to groundwork contractors in the Godalming area, we remain the trusted choice.


Our roots as a company stretch back to our establishment in 1977. With more than 40 years of trade and industry experience, we have unrivalled local knowledge. We use this know-how to inform our services in the area, ensuring we consistently complete groundworks on time, within budget and to the superior standards we have long been synonymous with.


To arrange an initial consultation for any kind of groundworks project, from sand school construction to drainage preparation, call us on 01483 894 461 or 07976 626 890.


Why Choose a Local Groundworks Company?


As long-standing Godalming-based groundwork contractors, septic tank installers and equestrian specialists, we have comprehensive knowledge of the area. This includes the road network, traffic patterns, soil types and local authority planning requirements. All of these have a huge impact on whether a groundworks project reaches completion on time.


For example, we know certain traffic hotspots and at what time of day they reach their peak. Naturally, we avoid these, reducing the likelihood of getting caught in traffic. Likewise, we know which roads have height and weight restrictions that deny the larger vehicles in our fleet access. This prevents us from getting stuck halfway to a project and having to turn around and start again.


Like all reputable groundwork contractors, we work to millimetre-specific detail when it comes to soil types. Different sites require different depths; there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to groundworks. Whether we undertake sand school construction, drainage preparation or an operation as septic tank installers, we design and plan the appropriate groundworks for optimal results long into the future.


Our local knowledge also ensures we have healthy relationships with other companies in the Godalming area. From architects to developers, and from estate agents to tradespeople, we have an extensive network of contacts and clients who help to make our work as groundwork contractors more straightforward.

If you are looking for septic tank installers, drainage preparation specialists or general groundwork contractors in Godalming, call 01483 894 461 or 07976 626 890.