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Groundworks in Haslemere | Managing Sites with Poor Drainage

Like all reputable groundwork contractors serving the Haslemere area, the team at Richard Field Groundworks fully understands the frustrations associated with poor drainage. As we all know too well, we get our fair share of rain in this part of the world. To rub salt in the wounds, this then regularly leads to waterlogged or flooded land. Naturally, this impacts on the aesthetics of a site, but also has the potential to kill plants and bring about long-term structural issues. Whether as groundwork contractors, septic tank installers or drainage preparation specialists, we have the expertise to create solutions for this common problem.


Regardless of whether we undertake domestic, commercial or industrial groundworks, or even sand school construction or other equestrian work, we have outlined below some of the root causes behind poor drainage at sites in Haslemere.


Identifying the Causes


Poor drainage can come in many forms, but the most common cause remains compacted soil. In most cases, this comes as a result of construction work. Such projects involve powerful, heavy machinery and plant, all of which exerts a significant amount of pressure onto the soil during a prolonged period of time. When coupled with increased footfall from onsite personnel, the soil compacts, making it less able to handle heavy rainfall.


We have also seen the results of irresponsible groundwork contractors and septic tank installers letting the subsoil and topsoil mix during projects such as drainage preparation. The resultant mixture creates a heavy plot which swiftly becomes overwhelmed when it rains heavily.


While human factors undoubtedly occur, the natural characteristics of the soils in Haslemere also play a role. For example, clay soils retain a much larger volume of water when compared with others.


No matter the cause, Richard Field Groundworks finds a solution. One of the most reliable comes in the form of soakaways. We use these across our range of groundworks, in sand school construction and during our work as septic tank installers. As a form of drainage preparation, soakaways do exactly as their name suggests: they soak away excess water.


Our groundwork contractors create soakaways by digging out large holes that we then fill with either specially designed crates or assorted debris such as broken bricks and rubble. No matter the form they take, we always apply a depth of soil for a seamless finish. Installation always takes place in a location where water runs naturally to the soakaway.

To discuss any type of groundworks, sand school construction, drainage preparation or our work as septic tank installers in Haslemere, call 01483 894 461 or 07976 626 890.