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Sand School Construction in Lewes | Building Your Dream Arena

As groundwork contractors experienced in delivering quality equestrian services, we understand that there are many aspects which go into successful sand school construction. From suitable drainage preparation to laying aggregates, Richard Field Groundworks Ltd has the knowledge and skills to provide ideal surfaces, no matter your needs. Working as professional septic tank installers, we even make sure sites have adequate foul water drainage in place, helping customers in Lewes get the most from their properties.


When constructing riding arenas and schools, there are a number of different factors to consider. Working with you to create the perfect space for your needs, we take the following key aspects into account:




While choosing the site for an arena is often dictated by the amount of land available, there are other factors to consider. These are:




Sand school construction requires sufficient access for suppliers. Because large amounts of materials are generally required, sites need to provide enough room for haulage vehicles to enter and unload.


While poor access does not make the job impossible, it certainly adds to the cost of construction. Where possible, position arenas in areas which allow for easy access.




Proper drainage preparation is key to ensuring an all-weather surface. When determining the location of sand schools in Lewes, our groundwork contractors assess potential collection and discharge options, such as soak-aways and ponds.

It is important that any drainage installations meet relevant regulations. This includes making sure that discharge into nearby watercourses is permitted, something we always check with your local authority before beginning work.


Because we are septic tank installers, the Richard Field Groundworks Ltd team has extensive knowledge of safe and legal drainage solutions for both surface and foul water. This makes us the ideal choice for rural and urban projects.




Some aggregates, such as silica sand, are prone to blowing away. To minimise loss of surface materials, it is a good idea to place arenas where they are not fully exposed to the elements.


If this is not possible, we can plant hedges and trees around new constructions to create a windbreak.


Sand School Construction


There are numerous stages involved in the construction of sand schools. Once the site is chosen, groundworks services get underway, starting with marking out and excavating the area.


After removing topsoil, we proceed with drainage preparation, which includes trenches typically laid in a herringbone pattern, with a woven membrane lining. This is a vital stage to ensuring the end result meets user requirements.


Installation of a sub-base, fencing and a further membrane create the perfect foundation for an effective surface.


Surface Installation


With a variety of options available, it can be difficult for customers in Lewes to decide on the best material for their needs. Luckily, as professional equestrian groundwork contractors, we are on hand to offer advice during every stage of construction.

Sand-based surfaces are often the most popular, but depending on individual requirements and budgets, rubber, PVC, woodchip and fibre options may be more suitable.


Having been working as equestrian service providers and septic tank installers for many years, we deliver perfect sub-base, drainage and surface solutions for projects of every type and scale.

Contact us on 01483 894 461 or 07976 626 890 for professional equestrian groundworks services, including sand school construction, in Lewes and the surrounding areas.