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Septic Tank Installers in Petersfield | Regulations and Replacements

The rules surrounding septic tanks are changing and, by January 2020, anyone with a tank needs to make sure their system complies with new regulations. These have been designed to reduce the level of sewage pollution, and cover all systems which treat foul water. As septic tank installers, we ensure drainage preparation and installations meet requirements, whether undertaking new builds, sand school construction, or other groundworks services in Petersfield.


With years of experience in the industry, our groundwork contractors are in the perfect position to provide advice about safe and suitable drainage solutions. Whatever your requirements, we deliver efficient services so customers get the most from their properties.


Below, you will find details of some of the key points set out in the General Binding Rules for septic tanks in the UK.


Discharging into a Watercourse


New Environment Agency rules state that if you have a septic tank which currently discharges directly to a surface water, such as a stream or river, you must replace or upgrade it  by 1st January 2020.


Replacement sewage treatment plants must have BS EN 12566-3 certification. If upgrading, discharge currently releasing into a watercourse must be diverted to a drainfield which meets current British Standards.


Proper drainage preparation is essential to guaranteeing new systems are efficient and in-line with government rules. No matter the project, our groundwork contractors have expert knowledge and skills to provide the highest quality results.


Higher Standards


At the time of installation, septic tanks need to meet relevant standards to ensure they are legal and safe. As professional septic tank installers, we make sure every system in Petersfield and the surrounding areas is compliant with regulations, whilst fulfilling customer requirements.


Unless installed before 1983, tanks meet British Standards if:

  • CE Marked
  • Documentation has a British Standard Certificate of Compliance
  • They are on the British Water List of Approved Equipment


Whether providing new build ground preparation or sand school construction, our groundworks services deliver reliable results.




Septic tanks must be large enough for their intended purpose. When undertaking drainage preparation and installation, our groundwork contractors assess the requirements of each project, ensuring systems are a suitable size.


Emptying & Maintenance


Sludge which settles in tanks must be emptied before it reaches maximum capacity. Failure to do so results in interference with the system. Generally, this needs doing once a year by a registered waste carrier, but it is important to follow manufacturer’s instructions.


Regular maintenance ensures tanks function as they should. Any cracks, leaks, blockages, smells or drainage field problems need addressing straight away.




Septic tanks must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. For this reason, it is important to hire professional septic tank installers, such as Richard Field Groundworks Ltd.


If it is possible to connect to the mains sewer, new installations in Petersfield must connect to the public system. Planning permission and building regulations approval is also necessary for all new installations.


If you require knowledgeable septic tank installers in Petersfield or the surrounding areas, call 01483 894 461 or 07976 626 890.