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Septic Tank Installation in Pulborough | A History in Brief

Richard Field Groundworks Ltd is the ideal choice for drainage preparations, sand school construction and more in the Pulborough area. Operating with the core values of customer service and high-quality workmanship, we perform septic tank installation to the 2020 Septic Tank Regulations, resulting in fully compliant systems courtesy of our professional groundwork contractors.


Whether you need information on drainage preparation or wish to learn more about groundworks, our team will be thrilled to assist. We help with sand school construction and dedicate ourselves fully to drainage preparations across the local region.

See below for the humble beginnings of the septic tank, then get in touch for reliable septic tank installation in Pulborough and Surrey. Our groundwork contractors can advise on building regulations approval and planning permission – both of which are required for new septic systems.


Where It All Began


Invented by a Frenchman named John Mouras, the humble septic tank dates back in some form to 1860. His prototype, made from materials such as clay and concrete, pumped waste from his property into a storage yard. John checked this yard after several years to find the solid waste had been eliminated. Due to this successful test, septic tank installation was introduced to the US, with health regulations to prevent the spread of disease.


How It Works


Designed to run for decades with regular maintenance, septic tanks across Pulborough and Surrey treat solids by way of natural bacteria. Known as ‘effluent’, the wastewater makes up the majority of what you find in the tank. The heavy solids fall to the bottom, while the greases float to the top. This process eliminates solids and sends the water through to the drain or ‘leach’ field.


Just like with sand school construction and traditional groundworks, septic tanks require professional care. Skilled in drainage preparations, our groundwork contractors can install a system in Pulborough, Surrey or Hampshire, ensuring it functions at peak efficiency for your safety.


From 1950 Onwards


With the march of time, septic tank installations began to include filters, alarms and other preventative measures. Today, they must also be on the British Water List of Approved Equipment and emptied by qualified professionals. Modern tanks consist of a mixture of fibreglass, polyethene and concrete, and are a popular method of dealing with wastewater.


Contact Richard Field Groundworks Ltd for New Installations


Passionate about septic tanks, our groundwork contractors can implement a new system for your Pulborough property that complies with modern legislation. We can also provide drainage preparations, and specialise in sand school construction for equestrian use. Given the evidence linking raw sewage to the spread of disease, it’s important that your new system receives the right care.


Please get in touch with our groundwork contractors for advice on septic tank installations and more besides. From Pulborough to Surrey and beyond, rely on Richard Field Groundworks Ltd.


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