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Septic Tank Installers in Farnham, Godalming, Guildford & the Surrounding Areas

Here at Richard Field Groundworks, we provide a locally trusted service as septic tank installers. Septic tanks make the perfect waste management solution for properties in rural areas at a considerable distance from the main drainage system. With the alternative being the installation of a pumping station and miles of pipework, septic tanks remain the cost-effective option. From our base in Godalming, we work closely with domestic, commercial and industrial clients throughout Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire, including Cobham, Farnham, Guildford, Haslemere, Midhurst and the neighbouring villages.


Septic tanks receive all waste for the property at hand, including that from the toilet, bathroom, kitchen and laundry. The primary purpose of septic tanks is allowing the sludge formed within to undergo a process called anaerobic digestion. This separates the solid material, thus reducing the volume of sludge and, subsequently, the frequency of tank emptying.


Under the 2020 Septic Tank Regulations introduced in 2015, the government set out to end the practice of septic tanks discharging directly into local watercourses like streams and rivers. Any septic tank discharging in such a way must be replaced or upgraded by 1st January 2020.


As reputable septic tank installers, Richard Field Groundworks fully complies with these regulations. If you require any form of septic tank-related service at your property in Godalming, Cobham, Farnham or the surrounding areas, please call us on 01483 894 461 or 07976 626 890.

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Components of a Septic Tank System


The systems we install as septic tank installers in Guildford, Haslemere, Midhurst and the neighbouring areas consist of the tank itself, either with one or two chambers, and the underground soakaway network. Inside the tank, anaerobic micro-organisms develop and colonise. They then go about partially degrading the received waste water. Solid matter settles to the bottom of the tank in the form of a sludge layer. The waste water remains on top of this and soon develops a scum layer.


Traditional septic tanks have ‘T’ pipes located on the inlet and outlet, while modern designs have baffles. Both these features prevent settled solids and floating material from passing through the tank and into the soakaway network.


The soakaway network itself involves a system of sub-surface irrigation pipes. These allow the effluent to percolate into the surrounding sub-strata. The septic tank installers at Richard Field Groundworks can only use such systems in sufficiently permeable areas and locations not prone to waterlogging or flooding throughout the year.


Our onsite septic tank installers have a complete understanding of all existing rules and legislation surrounding septic tanks. Our installations in Godalming, Farnham, Cobham and the surrounding areas fully comply with BS 6297:2007 and Section H2 of the Building Regulations.

For trusted septic tank installers in Guildford, Haslemere, Midhurst or any Surrey, Sussex or Hampshire location, call Richard Field Groundworks on 01483 894 461 or 07976 626 890.

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septic tanks 1